121+ Simple Cool Creative Wall Decorating Ideas that are Easy to Apply in Your Home

Simple Cool Creative Wall Decorating Ideas That Are Easy To Apply In Your Home
Simple Cool Creative Wall Decorating Ideas That Are Easy To Apply In Your Home

Who says that wall decor certainly involves something that is expensive, complicated, and time consuming. The following simple wall decor creative ideas will show you that there are so many easy ways to decorate the walls of a house without having to pay big fees, but the results are satisfactory.

Beautiful Plates for Wall Decorations
Collection of plates with beautiful motifs and bright colors can be made into wall decorations. Arrangement of the arrangement of dishes can be adjusted to your taste as a homeowner. Plates used for this purpose should have bright colors and attractive motifs. At present, various plate products specifically intended as wall decorations are available on the market.

Decorative Mirror Series
The use of mirrors as wall decorations has a dual function. The shape, design, and mirror frames that are beautiful will make the room look more charming. In addition, the use of mirrors will also give the impression of a more spacious and airy room.

Decorate the walls of houses with green plants
Basically, the material or material that can be used to decorate the walls of a house is not limited. You can use anything, including green plants like this. You can also use hanging plant pots or you can use a mini terrarium to give a new look to the walls of the house.

Beautiful memories for home decoration
Why not take advantage of all your personal memories for wall decorations at home? You don’t need a special frame to display all the photos. Just take advantage of a few wooden slats, threads, and some pinches to creatively display all the photos in your favorite room.

Creative Wall Decorations with String Art
String art is a decoration technique that is currently popular. You can use this very simple technique to decorate the walls of the house. The material needed is very simple, namely nails and threads. The designs that can be made from these string art techniques vary greatly from geometric shapes, writing, heart shape, and various other forms.

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