How to make a vertical garden wall hanging pot

How To Make A Vertical Garden Wall Hanging Pot
How To Make A Vertical Garden Wall Hanging Pot

Today the price of land is very expensive because the house has limited land in development. This causes the area of ​​the park to also decrease because the land is used to optimize the space requirements needed by residents so that the green area of ​​oxygen providers for homes is very limited. Seeing this case, one solution that can be taken is to replace the concept of the park which previously was horizontal to vertical.

How do you form a garden or vertical garden?

One of them is by applying a system of plants in pots that are hung on the wall. From a technical standpoint, increasing the number of hanging plants can absorb pollutants, reduce dust due to plant moisture, refresh the surrounding air and reduce stress.
While in terms of non-technical plants that are hung on the wall is one aesthetic element that adds to the beauty of the exterior and interior of our home. In addition, if we are resilient, hanging plants that decorate walls can also be a promising business area in the future.

which must be considered when you want to make a hanging plant decorate the wall. Starting from determining the type of plant, shape; Pot ingredients and color variants up to the sale and purchase price of plants in pots if you are serious about making it a business field.
All of these factors will be further discussed in this article.

1. Unique Hanging Wall Ornamental Potted Plants for Indoor and Outdoor
Hanging ornamental plant pots as vertical garden gardens decorating walls can be placed indoors or outdoors. In determining where the plants are, both indoors and outdoors, things that should be considered include:

. The intensity of sunlight – for indoor plants you should use plants that can survive with the need for low sunlight intensity, and vice versa.
· Type of pot – for outdoor ornamental plants, we recommend that the pot used is a pot that has high resistance to weather changes. So it is more durable in use.
· Maintenance – for indoor ornamental plants, you should use plants that are easier to maintain. This is intended to minimize the hassle of cleaning the inside of the house.

2. Variant Shape of Hanging Wall Ornamental Plant Pots for Vertical Garden Gardens are boxes, baskets, cylindrical pipe paralon

Plant containers that can be used as a place for wall decorations have varied forms. Among other forms of boxes, baskets, cylindrical pipe paralon such as vases in general, cloth shaped hangers that have many pockets, and so forth. Even today, with the recycle concept, used goods can be used as an alternative to wall decorating pots. Among them are unused bulb lights, used boots, large plastic bottles used for carbonated drinks, straw hats, bamboo, and paralon pipes. Come on, immediately find used items in your house to make wall decoration plant pots!

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall Hanging Ornamental Plant Pot Materials for Vertical Garden Gardens by Material: Ceramic, Metal / Iron, Wire, Glass, Plastic, Brick, Wood

After determining the desired shape, then choose the pot material you will use. Pot materials, like shapes, also have many different variants.

The following are a series of types of material that are the choices for plant pots and their advantages and disadvantages.
a. Advantages of Ceramic Pot Materials for Ornamental Plants Hanging Walls of Vertical Garden Gardens
. Luxury impression
· Resistant to all kinds of weather
b. Loss of Ceramic Pot Materials for Ornamental Plants Hanging Walls of Vertical Garden Gardens
. Prices tend to be expensive
· Opnce a fall will break and break
· Treatment requires more attention
c. Advantages of Iron Metal Pot Materials for Ornamental Plants Hanging Walls of Vertical Garden Gardens
. Impressive modern decorative elements
· Durable because it is resistant to cracking and cracking
· Suitable for outdoor parks
d. Loss of Iron Metal Pot Materials for Ornamental Plants Hanging Walls of Vertical Garden Gardens
. Not porous, so you need to pay attention to the hole for drainage
· Conduct heat, so it can damage microorganisms in the soil

4. Popular Types of Heat-Resistant & Cheap Plant Types for Vertical Garden Gardens Pot Ornamental Plants Hanging Walls or Creepers are Flowers, Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables
Decorative plants whose planting is suitable and good to be used as a beautiful hanging plant pot aka vertical garden is a plant that is heat-resistant, can grow creatively to close the walls of the wall and not too thick or minimalist. Most hanging plant models are plants that are rather slow to grow and have small leaves.
In choosing a pot-style hanging ornamental plant rack for vertical garden gardens, you can choose plants that provide direct benefits such as herbs, plants that produce fruit or vegetables or flowering plants as decoration.

5. DIY or How to Make Your Own Simple Minimalist Vertical Garden in a House with Wall Hanging Ornamental Pots Cheap Used Items: Nylon Rope, Carpet, Used Bottle, Bamboo, Used Paralon & Lamp
Before starting to decorate the wall with hanging plants, make sure that the condition of the wall to be used as a garden.

The wall must be exposed to sufficient sunlight and air. In addition, as much as possible the wall is not damaged due to moisture, this can be overcome by laying the walls with natural stones first.

After that, the next step is to prepare a container that you will use to create your own simple minimalist vertical garden. The choice of shape and material for hanging ornamental plant pots for vertical gardens can be from used items such as used bottles, used pipes, used lamps etc. While the other equipment you need is raffia, nylon, and carpet ropes for planting media.
All equipment needed for how to make your own vertical hanging garden or simple minimalist vertical garden in the house with ornamental plant pots hanging walls of used goods capital has been collected.

Next is how to make it. For pots that do not have a drainage hole, give a hole by drilling at the bottom of the pot. This is an exception to used lamps. For pots from paralon pipes, bamboo, or used plastic bottles to lay their position, then make a number of holes along the parallel cylinders to plant ornamental plants. For used plastic bottles you can also split the bottle into 2 then use the 2 parts as your ornamental plant pot.

Then enter the plant media into the pot. Pay attention to how to arrange or plant ornamental plants such as flowers in hanging pots or vines on the wall giving enough distance between plants and planting neatly for aesthetics and so as not to fight over nutrition. Lastly, hang with a nylon rope on the wall that is the area of ​​your ornamental plants. Relief ornaments in the form of a minimalist wall garden for vertical gardens add to the aesthetics of your home as well as a modern urban landscape solution.

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