Inspiration Lights Decorate Space, Let the Room Be More Beautiful and Impressive

Inspiration Lights Decorate Space, Let The Room Be More Beautiful And Impressive
Inspiration Lights Decorate Space, Let The Room Be More Beautiful And Impressive

Almost every house has lights. It feels, even has become a common need for many people. Not just being a means of lighting, in the hands of the right people – lights are also an important element to boost the aesthetic value of occupancy; as well as having an impact on the psychological occupants. However, good lighting can create a warm atmosphere; which at the same time – affects the comfort and improvement of the mood of its inhabitants.

How to maximize the function of a lamp in space ultimately depends on many things. This can be in the form of lighting techniques, material selection, and lamp quality, to the placement/position in the space. The process of selecting lights themselves is a process that cannot be underestimated. So, how do you choose the right light?

Well, before entering the explanation, here are general tips that you should pay attention when buying a lamp.

Adjust to the concept of space. Whatever the type, whether it’s an LED lamp, study lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, or even a classic decorative lamp, try to adjust it first by considering the concept of space. For example, a minimalist concept room is certainly in accordance with the model of lamps that tend to be simple – with the selection of calm colors that are “comfortable” for the eyes. Meanwhile, also know the lighting needs in the room. Does it function as ceiling lighting, wall hangings, or even other decorative elements – try to consider your space needs.
Design a different atmosphere for each room. At least, we know three layers of lighting functions in space. The function, namely (1) creates occupant comfort; (2) forming nuances, and (3) adding aesthetic value. To achieve the second function, you can separate parts of space in the house first; then select the lamp that matches the function (will be explained in the next section).
The position of the lamp is important. A comfortable home can be realized in a variety of ways. Regarding lights, one of the most important tips is to ensure the position of the lamp. As for this, immediately determine the lighting points which ultimately “support” the function. For example, the use of lights on a foyer is not only intended to illuminate space; but also “receiving guests”, and giving the impression of being warmer and more beautiful. Lamp size. For small rooms, of course, it would be more suitable if you use commensurate (small) lights. The aim is to avoid the impression of tightness which on the other hand: affects the occupants psychologically.
Consider a budget to buy and maintain lights. In addition to calculating the budget at the beginning of the purchase of lights, make sure later you do not need to pay for excess electricity, because of the wrong choice of lights. The solution, use energy-efficient and high-quality lamps.

Guide to Choosing Lamp Colors

Each color of the lamp can create its own impression and nuance. Well, as a guide, here are three colors of lights that are commonly used in homes.

Yellow. Use at the entrance, living room, family room, and bathroom. The reason, yellow rays can stimulate residents to move. The stronger the yellow color, the more attractive the mood is based on the angle of human psychology. White Use white to present a cheerful impression on the living room, living room, or even the workspace. As for you to remember, white light that is too bright risks dazzling the eyes. Well, the solution, try to compensate for the milky white lights in the room.
Bluish white. Bluish-white lights are proven to make people relax and sleepy quickly. Therefore, for good quality sleep – you can use this type of sleep light in the living room or even the bedroom.
Selecting the Lamp Color according to the Space Function

It is a reception area; the first place guests set foot. Therefore, to add to the impression and “welcome guests” well, the arrangement of the lights on the foyer must also be beautiful. It is recommended to use downlight or uplight lighting. As for making the foyer look brighter, the placement also creates a “warm” impression to anyone who visits.

Living room
Make sure you put the lights in an attractive design in the living room. Because, that’s where “outsiders” will be entertained and accepted – before entering your residence. You can apply general lighting as primary lighting; then vary with accent lighting at a certain point – like a halogen spot lamp that leads/tucked between the ceiling.

Family room
Create a warmer living room atmosphere with the right selection of lights. Because, that’s where every activity of the residents will be carried out. Of course, to support these objectives, it is advisable to choose a comfortable lamp to accommodate all activities there.You can apply general lighting as the main lighting. The rest, try using indirect lighting – with a hidden position between the wall and the ceiling. As for you can also know creativity – for example by applying simple planting lights. In this way, the light that will be produced by the lamp becomes evenly distributed, while creating a dramatic effect.

Although not used at any time, in fact, the bathroom is an important space in your residence. Therefore, support all activities thereby choosing the right light. To ensure your safety and comfort, the bathroom must have uniform lighting. However, the lights must be placed in a section that is able to reach all areas in the bathroom. Well, for your own decorative elements, you can put lights on the side of the mirror or even add kinetic lighting – in the form of decorative candles in many places.

The dining room
As with the family room, this is where all family members will gather and chat. Well, the warmth of the chat with the family will certainly increase, if you have the right light in the dining room. By using a pendant lamp, you can increase the focus to the dining table and chair. Besides that, don’t forget to apply general lighting as the main light that will accommodate all activities in space.

We all know the kitchen is closely related to cooking activities. Similar to a small laboratory, that’s where you can create and make delicious dishes for the residents of the house. Well, this activity will certainly be much more fun – if you have the right lights.

To support this one function, you can use bright white lights that are not dazzling. Besides being able to illuminate space, this type of lamp is also able to reduce the risk of injury due to cooking activities. As for adding the aesthetic value of space, it is recommended to install indirect light at the bottom of the cabinet, or even a storage cabinet. Those are some things that you must pay attention to in creating a comfortable dwelling through the selection of lights. One small note, it’s good to take into account the amount of the budget you have to spend; for example by choosing energy-saving lights (LED lights), or precisely dividing it based on the function of space and needs.

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