Inspiration Types of Home Ornamental Plants That Can Cool the Eyes

Inspiration Types Of Home Ornamental Plants That Can Cool The Eyes
Inspiration Types Of Home Ornamental Plants That Can Cool The Eyes

Ornamental plants are usually planted in the yard or outside the house, but that does not mean that they cannot be planted indoors. Nowadays indoor ornamental plants are in great demand by the public, especially because of the lack of land for parks and yards.

Not only can you refresh your home, in fact there are several other benefits of ornamental plants that are good for you, starting from increasing concentration and productivity to 15%, reducing stress, and improving mood. In addition, according to research by NASA shows that displaying ornamental plants in the house can eliminate 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours.

However, it is important to remember because most plants emit carbon dioxide at night, so it is not good to display large quantities of ornamental plants in your room or bedroom. Make sure to display a decent amount of ornamental plants so that the benefits obtained are far better. Here are some of the benefits of ornamental plants that you can get;

Decorate the Room

One of the benefits of ornamental plants at home is to be able to make the plainest room even if it looks fresh, even if only with one plant. At present, there are several indoor plants that are popular with many people because of their beautiful shapes, such as Monstera, Philodendron, Lili Paris, and so on. However, you do not have to spend deeply because simple indoor plants will still look attractive when placed in a unique container. Ranging from vases, hanging pots, vintage furniture, to terrarium, to Japanese moss balls that can be hung as decorations.

Can Revitalize and Purify the Air

Even though in a room, in fact, air pollution cannot be avoided. Therefore, the benefits of these ornamental plants are that they can absorb gases that pollute the air in the room, especially during the day so that the inhaled air is more sterile and good for health. In addition, indoor ornamental plants can also increase air humidity which can prevent breathing, coughing, and sore throats, then cool the room during the summer and warm the room during the winter. Also, check the importance of home fire insurance during the holidays here.

Prevent Disease

If you often feel unwell or unwell in the office, you may experience sick building syndrome, which is a symptom of a disease such as headaches and respiratory problems that commonly affect office workers. The reason is that the office environment is not conducive such as poor ventilation, high levels of carbon dioxide in one room, to the effects of air conditioning (AC). The benefits of indoor ornamental plants can stabilize the heart rate, help with breathing problems, to reduce stress and anxiety to increase productivity.

Make Sleep More Sound

At night, most plants produce carbon dioxide. However, there are several benefits of ornamental plants such as orchids, aloe vera, succulents, tongue-in-law, and yellow palms that can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen at night, making your sleep more peaceful. In addition, several other plants such as jasmine, lavender, and gardenia can also help you sleep more soundly if placed in your bedroom because it has a soothing aroma that can make the mind more relaxed.

Overcoming Stress and Depression

The benefits of ornamental plants can be a self-relaxation that is believed to overcome stress and depression after a day of activities. Studies show that touching plant leaves for 2 minutes can reduce stress levels. In addition, caring for plants can also be one way to fight depression because it will foster motivation and provide satisfaction when you see plants being treated begin to grow.

Those are some of the benefits of home ornamental plants that you can get. Besides being able to make the room look more fresh and lively, displaying ornamental plants can also bring benefits for physical and mental health.

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